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stressREADY Sport

stressREADY Sport includes everything in the stressREADY Everyday progamme with additional layers of sports performance protocols that can shift us quickly into a desired physical and mental state.

What will I learn?

Everything included in the stressREADY Everyday programme plus…

The ripples of everyday stress - how does your everyday stress transfer into your training and competition performance.

Sports specific techniques and protocols – real-time tools to regulate your physical and mental state that integrate into your existing training routines.

Energy game-plan – match your energy output to the exercise intensity to increase endurance and slow mental and physical fatigue.

In-game recovery – quickly recover when there are short periods of rest, such as in-between rounds.

Switching off strategies – how to down regulate after training to sleep better and maximise recovery.

Burnout warning light - the ability to recognise when your stress tolerance is low, and you need to taper the training intensity or take a rest-day. 

Programme at a glance

stressREADY Sport Pricing

One-on-One: $1,050

$150 per session


2 People: $1,680 ($840 pp)

3 People: $2,100 ($700 pp)

4 People: $2,520 ($630 pp)

5 People: $2,800 ($560 pp)

5+ People: call to discuss


It feels like you have an extra lung!
- Jacob

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