Are you stressREADY?

stressREADY Everyday

With the knowledge and awareness of how everyday stress impacts our bodies, you can start to develop the skill to know how to best prepare and respond to it. Meaning in the heat of the moment you can remain cool, calm and collected, even when no one else is!

What will I learn?

Stress physiology basics - what is “stress” and how does it impact your mind, body and performance?

Proper breathing mechanics – how should you breathe and the relationship between breathing, stress, performance and everything in between.

The building-blocks of sleep – daily habits and behaviours that give you the best chance to have a quality night’s sleep.

Functional and practical tools – what can you do to shift how you feel physically and emotionally in real-time.

Increased awareness and sensitivity – the ability to recognise sooner, rather than later, that you are stressed so we can act before it gets out of control.

Greater stress tolerance – utilising and dialling-in your new tools to be increasingly controlled and calm in situations that stress you out.

Programme at a glance

stressREADY Everyday Pricing

One-on-One: $750

$150 per session

Group Training

2 People: $1,200 ($600 pp)

3 People: $1,500 ($500 pp)

4 People: $1,800 ($450 pp)

5 People: $2,000 ($400 pp)

5+ People: call to discuss


I've always had issues with anxiety and public speaking in particular is a big trigger. But working with Mike has given me the tools so my anixiety no longer runs the show. Awesome to have in your back pocket regardless of whether you’re an athlete, professional or a mum.
- Nise

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