Tell me a bit about yourself...

Prior to our first session I would be greatful if you could fill in the below survey. Your responses will be kept 100% confidential but will help me tailor the course content so it is most effective.

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Survey Submitted


I understand that the READYmode instructor is not medical professional.

I understand that no advice and/or activity presented, demonstrated or advised during the programme are in any way intended as a substitute for a medical consultation, and should not replace or interfere with any guidance offered by a medical professional.

READYmode understands that any personal information (e.g., pregnancy status) provided to the instructor is private and confidential. This does not apply to personal information provided voluntarily by you in a group setting during the programme.

I understand that I am free to leave the programme at any time for any reason.

If at any time during the programme, I feel the need for any assistance, medical or otherwise, I agree to notify my instructor immediately and take full responsibility for the same, including leaving the programme and obtaining appropriate care.

I understand I will need to inform my instructor about any medical conditions (e.g., cardiovascular, pregnancy status), if any, before starting the programme's training and exercises.

If my medical status changes (e.g., I become pregnant or believe I may be pregnant) after starting after starting the programme, I agree to stop all techniques and exercises immediately and inform my instructor to guide me on the next course of action.


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