It’s that time of year again where everyone is talking about burnout and how they need a massive break to recharge the batteries. But how do you bounce back quickly and make the most of your holidays?

UNWIND SLOWLY – to a point stress is great at boosting your immune system, keeping you charged, focused and illness free, but relaxing too quickly can increase the chances of getting sick (called the β€œLet-Down Effect”). So, transition into your holiday by injecting some controlled stress into your day, such as exercise, cold showers, morning ocean swim or have a sauna.
SLEEP – Without a doubt, good quality sleep is your best mental and physical recovery tool. I’ve done a whole bunch of posts on sleep, which you can find here πŸ‘‰ www.readymode.co.nz/blog
CONNECT – Social connection has been identified as one of the strongest influences on mental health, so get out and hang with people who you (actually) like.
FOOD AND BOOZE – I can overindulge with the best of them, but I have to pick my moments and keep it balanced, because it absolutely ripples into other parts of my life, in particular sleep and therefore mental/physical recovery.
BREATHE – How you breathe has a direct impact on your stress and energy levels. So, when you’re going about your day breathe slowly (5 sec inhale/exhale), quietly and calmly through your nose.

But in the end, we shouldn’t be burning out in the first place and using holidays as stress recovery is the ambulance πŸš‘ at the bottom of the cliff. Instead, people should have the knowledge and skill to keep stress on the level all year round so they can hit the holidays at full throttle.

That is what READYmode is all about - teaching people how to leverage stress to perform in the job or sport they love, minus having to take their long-term health for granted.

Post archive here πŸ‘‰ www.readymode.co.nz/blog


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